The scandals and the silence

keep-silenceIt is amazing the silence that is occurring in the NY-22. At this moment there are the revelations that the IRS has actively and with prejudice targeted conservatives groups, the Department of Justice (DOJ) data mined the Associated Press journalists, and the continued insight into what was and was not done during and after the Benghazi attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. Americans have been lied to, persecuted for enacting their 1st Amendment Right, and the press has been leeched upon with a purpose one can only assume was meant to stifle reporting of facts.

Where are the words of our Representative on this? Given there are many things that need to be addressed and the work of Congress must move forward, but what comments on these massive problems have been uttered? Where is the justified outrage on behalf of constituents, the furor of the Legislative Branch meant to signal that the American people are aware and not amused; that such abuses will not be tolerated and just retribution will be handed down.

A Google search under Rep Richard Hanna; Rep. Richard Hanna IRS; Rep. Richard Hanna Benghazi; and Rep. Richard Hanna DOJ; all will produce articles on Rep. Hanna splitting from the votes of Republicans, or suggesting that women voters donate to Democrats only, or the voting record of Rep. Hanna (as one of the most moderate Representatives in Congress).

Do the people of the New York 22nd Congressional District have no opinion on what is happening in Government? Do they have no thought on the IRS acting in a politically partisan manner – potentially at the behest of the FBI as it has done in the past? Is freedom of the press not a concern anymore? Can the Executive Branch manipulate facts and promote lies told to the public all for the purpose of political advantage, and the constituents of the NY-22 are ok with that?

Or is it that the Representative of the constituents is failing the populace by not expressing their concerns?

A wise man is silent until he has facts on which to speak about, but it is not wisdom to remain silent in the face of facts while the concerns of the people demand action.

But this is my opinion. What is yours?

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