Binghamton University Libertarians and Michael Vasquez discuss New York 22nd Congressional District

On May 9, 2013 the Binghamton University Libertarians had Michael Vasquez as the guest speaker at their meeting in the Fine Arts building on the BU campus. This was an informal discussion; to introduce Mr. Vasquez and to address the concerns of young voters.

Initially the expectation was that the meeting would only be a 15 minute speech and Q&A combined as this would be at the end of a 12 hour workday for Mr. Vasquez. But after the casual introduction, when questions were opened to the students, the passion and variety of questions offered led to almost 2 hours of discussion on issues in the minds of BU students. Issues discussed included: the economy; student loans; 2nd Amendment; legalizing drugs; Affirmative Action; Equal Rights Movement; representation by elected officials; and more.

The following videos are the total introduction, questions and answers. All answers and questions are complete and without edit.


Q & A pt 1

Q & A pt 2

Q & A pt 3

Q & A pt 4 (final)

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