What did you get for your vote in 2012? Video

Congress has a 16% approval rating, and political gridlock is running rampant. Scandals fill the airwaves, as Government overreach attacks the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments. Yet incumbent Representatives are re-elected 93% of the time – in 2012 it was a 90% re-election rate. The problems are obvious, and the solution can be as well.

We expect more than special interest favorites and political party preferences. Congress needs to reconnect with the public. We need Representatives that will work for constituents and fulfill their obligations in office as well as live up to campaign promises.

Let’s remind voters that there is a choice in 2014. Let’s work together to tell Congress that they can’t just sit back and get re-elected for doing nothing. With your donation and support, we will put this video advertisement on televisions across the New York 22nd Congressional District.

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Michael Vasquez comments on WNBF interview with Bob Joseph

At 10:30am Bob Joseph of WNBF Talk 1290 AM Radio had Michael Vasquez on the airwaves to discuss the exploratory committee and a potential run for the 22nd Congressional District seat of New York. The discussion covered a range of issues: immigration reform, the 4th Amendment, the approval rating of Congress, term limits, and the background of Mr. Vasquez.

Bob Joseph of WNBF Talk Radio 1290 AM

Bob Joseph of WNBF Talk Radio 1290 AM

One of the biggest issues was the impending concern of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) and the potential for abuse by a Government that is currently trying to justify the overreach of a NSA program that has effectively violated the privacy of every American in the nation. Rep. Richard Hanna is a member of the “Drone Caucus”, seeking to promote drone testing and production in New York State. Current projections envision the creation of some 2,000 jobs due to drone testing.

Michael Vasquez voiced his concern to Bob Joseph

‘We are talking about filling the skies with drones, and they have their uses. For firefighters and police, of course. But there is not a single law addressing drone use, and we have a Government that is already abusing the 4th Amendment. What is to prevent a drone from sitting outside your living room window? We need to pause, and create some rules before we sell our Rights on the cheap.’

At the end of the half-hour interview, Mr. Joseph offered an open invitation for Michael Vasquez to come back and speak with the news radio listeners in the future.

Michael Vasquez talks about improving Congress with Southern Tier Tea Party in Vestal, NY

On June 4, 2013, Michael Vasquez spoke before the members of the Southern Tier Tea Party and the general public at the Vestal Public Library. The discussion was part of an event featuring Binghamton Mayoral candidate Douglas Drazen, as well as Mr. Vasquez, to present the options that face voters in the upcoming Binghamton, NY elections and the 2014 NY Congressional election.

Michael Vasquez took the opportunity to introduce himself to the constituents at the meeting, and to share his views on how Congress can become more accountable and reflective of the issues that are foremost in the minds of residents in the NY-22. Mr. Vasquez also took the time to express his thoughts on the 2nd Amendment and the growing issue of domestic unmanned aerial surveillance (drones). The following video is the uncut conversation of Michael Vasquez at the event:

Part 1 – Michael Vasquez introduces himself to NY Southern Tier residents

Part 2 – Michael Vasquez shares views of improving Congress and better representation for the NY-22

Following the introduction and the ways to improve government, and a similar discussion by Mr. Drazen, the question and answer portion of the event took place. It was during this time Mr. Vasquez expanded on a few ideas to create jobs, balance the budget, cut government debt spending, and reduce the national debt. In addition, Mr. Vasquez took the opportunity to gain greater insight on the concerns that the average American feels are a priority, and need to be discussed on the floor of Congress.

The following video of the Q&A is edited only to present the questions to, and answers from, Michael Vasquez:

Q&A in Vestal, NY with Michael Vasquez and Southern Tier residents

Michael Vasquez is continuing to explore a run for the 2014 New York 22nd Congressional election, and will be traveling throughout the NY-22 over the summer.

As always we look forward to your comments, questions and support. Please visit to learn more.

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