While President Obama urges more of the same, a real solution stays on the backburner

President Obama is poised to launch a new round of “focus on the economy and jobs.” On Wednesday July 24th, the President will talk about “Shovel ready jobs”, wait its called an “investment in America’s infrastructure.” Then again its been called “Fix it now” as well; plus a couple of other catchy phrases. But the point is it’s the same ideas that haven’t worked before, and no one truly believes will work now.

Yet, that’s not what should upset the public. By now even the most ardent are inured to the droning promise that “jobs are priority 1″, only to watch as healthcare, illegal immigration, gun restriction, cyber security, even rounds of golf have filled the President’s time.

What should upset people are the things that are being unspoken, even by political opponents of the President and his agenda. Like real solutions to unemployment. Let me explain that.

The Obama Stimulus was promised to not only stabilize the economy, but improve the economy. Those shovel ready jobs were going to turn things around. Except they didn’t. In fact, if you look at all the charts and data, things didn’t start to improve until the impact of the Government intrusion (Stimulus) waned. As it reduced, the economy has improved. Slow as it has been.

Perhaps one of the key things helping has been the fact that every attempt to double down on letting Government muddle things up has been blocked – with the big exception of Obamacare. Which has lead to job growth no one wants – part-time jobs without benefits because Obamacare is too expensive to run a business with.

The burden of taxes, on people can companies is hindering the recovery

The burden of taxes, on people can companies is hindering the recovery

But a vital component of real sustainable economic growth, and full-time jobs, has been lost. In fact, it hasn’t been mentioned by the President, Congress, or essentially anyone since the day after the 2012 elections. The corporate tax rate.

President Obama hasn’t mentioned the subject since virtually February 2012. Mitt Romney kept the issue flickering up til October 2012. The Representative of the New York 22nd Congressional District – Richard Hanna – gave up that ghost in November 2012 (other than his vote June 2013 for H.R. 9 – a bill NOT created by the Committee on Small Business, and that he did NOT co-sponsor). I have no doubt that a quick Google search of members of Congress – from either Party – will reveal a similar trend.

I find the bi-partisan silence to be both deafening and disastrous.

In 2012, every politician up for re-election, or challenging to be elected, agreed that corporate tax rates need to be cut. The U.S. leads the world in corporate taxes, a plan so anti-business one might believe that it was conceived in New York State (currently ranked 50th of all States in business friendliness). The only real question was how much to cut rates – Republicans wanted more, Democrats not as much.

The reason that every politician made advances on this issue was because the benefit to companies and the American people was as blatantly obvious as the national deficit is large. Cut tax rates and companies can afford to be created, grow, and hire workers. Cut it enough and some companies might even entertain paying for Obamacare and not switch to part-time employees.

It was a message of prosperity that opened up the pockets of big business, garnered the support of small business, and fed the aspirations of those dreaming of creating the next Microsoft or Facebook. But once the votes were made, the tallies done, and the politicians secure in holding onto their career positions, the concept of a corporate tax cut evaporated in a New York minute.

On Wednesday President Obama should be held to his fleeting campaign promise. Representatives in Congress should have their feet held to the flame of public opinion. Americans deserve to hear the reason why corporate tax rates, the one solution everyone thought was the answer to this recession, have not been on the table. If the answer is just more political polispeak then we need to hold these politicians accountable and vote them out of office.

America needs politicians bold enough to live up to campaign promises, strong enough to speak the will of constituents, and determined enough to blaze a trail down a path the nation hasn’t even seen in 4 years plus.

At least that’s what I think. What about you?

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