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Often there are issues and events from day to day that there is just not enough time to expand on, or are complete in just a short message. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent formats to provide and share comments and thoughts of this nature. But not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, or have as open an access to these formats as the internet in general. Thus, from time to time, this blog will provide several of these commentaries and musings.

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June 8th

I find it interesting that even as Speaker Boehner is stating that there are issues Republicans in the House are concerned with, Rep. Hanna (NY-22) has taken both sides of the issue. He has advocated for immigration reform, visas for foreigners, and voted to deport illegal immigrants in the face of President Obama’s Executive Order. How can the border be secured, and compromise reached if some Republicans can’t even give constituents a consistent position on the issue?

Speaker Boehner sounds off on immigration with Laura Ingraham


In my experience so far, speaking to young voters at Binghamton University about my exploratory committee for the NY-22, the critical factor appears to be the choices they have for their vote. From what I have heard so far, young voters feel left out and ignored – some even betrayed after 2008 and 2012 elections. Yet as I have spoken to them, they seem energized and deeply involved. So the answer is not really the specific issues, its about addressing the lack of accountability and responsiveness of elected officials currently in Congress (in both Parties).

The GOP and young voters: A failing relationship?


I find it interesting and encouraging that like my own exploration of a run for Congress in the NY-22, Erika Harold and so many others are seeking elected office – that are not career politicians. For too long, in my opinion, there has been a disconnection (in both Parties) with constituents and the elected officials in D.C.

The fact that, like myself, many of those seeking office in 2013 and 2014 are Republicans of diverse backgrounds and walks of life only confirms that America may finally be on the path to a better government. One that has the common sense, accountability and responsibility that voters have – which Congress has proven for decades it does not.

Former Miss America to run for Congress as Republican


June 10

Get your recording devices ready! I will be speaking with WNBF 1290 AM Bob Joseph on Wednesday 6/12 at 10:30am.


June 11

Just got invited to speak to the American for Restoring the Constitution (AFRTC) on July 15th @ 7:15pm. If you would like me to speak to your organization about improving Congress and expecting more from our Representatives, contact me or


June 28 -

first fundraiser will be on July 20th @ Daddy O’s in Endicott from 2-8. After $2000 goal we split proceeds w Wounded Warrior Project 50/50

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