2014 NY Conservative Party conference – 1/27/14

On Monday Jan. 27, 2014, I had the pleasure to join Republicans and Conservatives from across New York State at the NY Conservative Party conference, held in Albany NY. It was an all day event, featuring speakers that included potential candidate for NY Governor Rob Astorino, Karen Moreau speaking on fracking in New York and America’s energy independence, Elise Stefanik who is running for the NY-21, and Betsy McCaughey speaking on the travails of Obamacare and its divergence from the convoluted law passed in 2009 and how it has become even more incomprehensible. It was one of the most welcoming experiences I have ever had.

There were literally hundreds in attendance, and the luncheon was filled as we listened to writer Peggy Noonan speak about Presidents Reagan and Bush. There was no lack of concerned New Yokers, each and every one of them opting to stay in New York and make it a better, more business friendly, more open-minded and politically diverse State than Gov. Cuomo ever conceived. That is the strength of New Yorkers – when faced with a challenge we face it head on.

I was able to speak with people from across the State including :Jeffery Cleary of the Irish American Republicans, Jim Kelly who worked on the Joe DioGuardi campaign, Henry Ford of the St. Lawrence Conservative Party, Randy Pascarella who won his bid for the Schenectady County Legislature, Stephen Aldstadt of SCOPE Inc (fighting to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights against the Safe Act). I saw old friends like George Phillips, the current legislator for the 8th District in Broome County and also in a run for re-election in the 2014 mid-terms. I made new friends like James Swindell who saw fit to make an initial donation after speaking with me for an hour, and Carl Paladino who was generous enough to take the time to hear about my reasons for running for the NY-22 congressional seat, and John Burnett who ran for NY Comptroller in 2013 and provided new inspiration on running for elected office for the first time.

But 2 people were of particular note.

Hal Brilliant, Chairman of the Dutchess County Conservative Party, took the step to support my position with regard to defending the 2nd Amendment and against the NY Safe Act. Like myself, Chairman Brilliant agrees that the NY Safe Act does not protect law abiding citizens, and does little to nothing to prevent mass shootings or stop criminal acts of violence. Chairman Brilliant went one step further to offer his support in my bid for election.

Also of note was my chance to speak with Michael Long, State Chairman of the NY Conservative Party. His efforts to welcome me, and his attention to my efforts was generous. It’s not often that an opportunity to speak with the head of such a large and powerful organization occurs, but I observed Chairman Long do so several times. It’s a welcome change from the norm.

Overall, my time at the CPPAC was fruitful on many levels. I gained greater insight on how I can further help the constituents of the NY-22, how I can further my efforts to get elected, and a far greater view of the scope of the Republican and Conservative efforts to improve the quality of life in New York State, and Congress.

I thank all those that took the time to meet with me, to hear my views on Congress and reintroducing accountability in Government. I look forward to future conversations, as my credentials and commitment are reviewed.


Michael Vasquez
Candidate for NY 22nd Congressinal District in 2014

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