August 2013 – Facebook comments

Often there are issues and events from day to day that there is just not enough time to expand on, or are complete in just a short message. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent formats to provide and share comments and thoughts of this nature. But not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, or have as open an access to these formats as the internet in general. Thus, from time to time, this blog will provide several of these commentaries and musings.

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August 2

I support the LIBERT E Bill – H.R. 2399. Along with 48 members of congress (Rep Hanna is not one of them) I believe that the NSA should not blanket collect US citizens phone and internet transactions. What do you think?

H.R.2399 — LIBERT-E Act


If its so great and beneficial, why the exemption? Besides, isn’t Obamacare supposed to let them keep their insurance if they like it? Or was that just polispeak to cover passing the law?

Congress: ObamaCare for thee, but not for we; Update: Boehner: Only solution is “full repeal”


August 4

I could say I just want one to piss off the anti-gun people, but to be honest I really just want to own it because it’s so unique.

SSK produces largest caliber rifle ever, one round costs same as tank of gas


August 7 -

So after an hour long discussion (on my part, the other side was just going for personal attacks), it again has become clear that some people will reject all scientific proof – from State and Government sources, collected over years and rechecked – because they don’t like the answer. Then I get the threat that I won’t get their vote.

Good. No one should vote for someone they don’t believe in. Ever. But I won’t change my views to pander to the public just to get an extra vote. That’s what I dislike in Congress and Government now. That’s why things are so screwed up.

You don’t have to agree with me 100%, just vote for whomever you believe is sincere and honestly trying to represent the people. If we all do that, America will be better for it.


August 8 -

YNN announces Cheasapeque Energy walking away from leases. With 9% unemployment, the loss of income to landowners and loss of potential business to small biz owners in Southern Tier bodes poorly for the area. The same anti frackers may be happy, until the negative economy and business unfriendliness impacts there livelihoods. But then they will blame someone else most likely.


August 9 -

What happens when Congress fails it’s job and does not read laws that it passes? Cities, Counties and employers all scramble to the detriment of the public.

“The Affordable Care Act [Obamacare] would have been a hit to our budget,” says Mayor John O’Reilly [of Dearborn, MI], a Democrat. “It has imposed on us an obligation that we didn’t anticipate. I’m a supporter of the concept (of the ACA), but as we move forward and identify the unintended consequences, I’d like more flexibility.”

Obamacare leading to part-time nation


For all the things President Obama said about changing the parameters of the NSA, what troubles me is what he did NOT say. Will the NSA continue to keep records already collected of tens of millions of innocent Americans? What is the NSA doing with those records? What about PRISM, which are the records of all internet actions of all Americans?

Barack Obama FULL Press Conference: NSA Surveillance, Putin, Russia, Edward Snowden – 8/9/13


August 10

As I understand it, and I am no lawyer or UMCJ expert, Article 94 – sedition, applies and is punishable by death. So does Article 104 – aiding the enemy, 166 – breach of peace, 118 (1) – murder, and Article 134. With Article 134, which covers everything, acts of terror could be addressed and charged.

Victims angry, but experts cite legal reasons why Fort Hood shooter not charged with terror


August 15

Aren’t you glad that Rep Hanna voted against restricting the NSA?

NSA Surveillance Broke Privacy Rules Thousands Of Times Per Year: Report


August 19

Let me know what you thought about the discussion with Bob Joseph today. What would be the one thing that you would ask president Obama


Full audio and transcript of my conversation with Bob Joseph of WNBF Talk Radio 1290 will be available later this evening.


Part 1 of Michael Vasquez and Bob Joseph of WNBF, discussing President Obama, fracking, Congress, and more.

Bob Joseph of WNBF and Michael Vasquez discuss Pres Obama coming to Binghamton NY


Part 2 of 2 – Michael Vasquez and Bob Joseph of WNBF discuss the potential from President Obama visiting Binghamton, NY

Michael Vasquez, Bob Joseph of WNBF discuss Pres. Obama in Binghamton


August 20 -

According to the Obama Administration the NSA can violate the 4th Amendment. According to efforts by the drone caucus (which Rep Hanna is a member) unmannes aerial systems need no laws and can violate the 4th Amendment. Now, as the Washington Post reports, the Obama Administration supports warrantless cellphone searches. Maybe it’s time we get people into Congress that are willing to defend our freedoms rather than sell them on the cheap.


August 21 -

So if no one is responsible for the Benghazi attack, was it just an accident or act of God? Is no one to blame as it was unforseeable or impossible to prevent? Only if pigs fly.

Analysis: No one is being held responsible for Benghazi


August 22

Why is it that when President Obama wanted change to immigration laws and gun restrictions he circumvented Congress, but for college tuition he is waiting for Congress to act. Are his convictions not as strong? Is this just a smokescreen issue meant to distract?


August 25

With your donations, we can get this on TV across the 22nd Congressional District of New York. Share, Like, spread the word and don’t forget to donate whatever you can. Let’s make Congress accountable in 2014.

Voiceover by Jimmyjohn McCabe

NSA, 4th Amendment, and the 2014 NY election


August 28 –

I’m so tired of the re-write. MLK wasn’t looking for minorities to be given jobs that didn’t exist, he was fighting for Right not to be denied a job just because a minority applied. The job still needs to be earned to be worthwhile.


August 29 -

So why is Rep Hanna silent as 100 Republicans and 18 Dems agree w Senator Obama that President needs Congress approval for Syria?

More than 100 lawmakers ask Obama to seek congressional approval on Syria strikes


Rep Hanna position not so surprising considering flip-flop on Libya in 2011 -

81 Republicans Flip-Flop on Libya Opposition Votes


British are no go on bombing Syria. Seems they don’t see a point in doing something with no benefit to them and potential long-term negatives. Think that will sway president Obama? Not if you recall Libya.


August 30

Britain has supported every military action by US that I recall, even if they didn’t like it. But on Syria they are out, and the powerhouse of France is backing us. When was the last time France won a military action? Napoleon? Is this really the only support we are getting. Shouldn’t this give pause as maybe something is wrong.


I think you can find the answer on what to do about Syria in the following quote from December 20, 2007…

“The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.

As commander-in-chief, the president does have a duty to protect and defend the United States. In instances of self-defense, the president would be within his constitutional authority to act before advising Congress or seeking its consent. History has shown us time and again, however, that military action is most successful when it is authorized and supported by the legislative branch. It is always preferable to have the informed consent of Congress prior to any military action.”

Barack Obama’s Q&A

July 2013 – Facebook comments

Often there are issues and events from day to day that there is just not enough time to expand on, or are complete in just a short message. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent formats to provide and share comments and thoughts of this nature. But not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, or have as open an access to these formats as the internet in general. Thus, from time to time, this blog will provide several of these commentaries and musings.

The following can be found on my Facebook page ( – ask to be added to my friends list to be up to date daily) from the month of July 2013:

July 4

Wishing everyone the best on the July 4th


July 8

Since people will now self-report wages to get tax credit for Obamacare, does anyone think there wont be abuse, paid by our taxes?


July 20

Fundraiser was a success. Thank you to everyone that attended!


July 24

I was talking today with some people about natural gas and fracking. You know something opponents of fracking never say? President Obama was wrong in the 2012 and 2013 State of the Union Addresses. The very same people that trumpet his push for renewable energy, and deplore fracking, ignore the support their champion has given to the subject. Makes you wonder what the real reason might be. Oh, has anyone checked the value of Nancy Pelosi’s wind energy stocks lately?


July 30 -

Pfc Manning deserved life in prison or the death penalty. In a time of war the mass leak of classified information for the purpose of weakening the nation is treason. I applaud the Marines in Quantico regardless of the judges finding. I hope manning gets more.

Bradley Manning trial verdict: Acquitted of aiding the enemy, convicted on lesser charges


July 31

Clarity and accuracy are 2 things you would expect from an elected politician. But what we expect from Government doesn’t seem to be what we are getting these days.

Is the Internet the end of political waffling? Not quite

Thoughts on President Obama’s jaunt through New York

So President Obama came to New York State. For all the hype and press that goes with a presidential visit, what did New York and America get?

Predictably, in fact I surmised as much on Monday August 19, 2013 in my appearance on Bob Joseph Show (WNBF Talk Radio), President Obama avoided like the plague the key issues facing New York State. Fracking? Not a word. Jobs? Far on the horizon. This was about higher education, first last, and only.

wrong track
But did the new proposals do anything to improve the education system? No. If anything, a very sound argument can be made that the net result will be that colleges will lower the bar and standards will be eased. The purpose of higher learning has been even more obscured by a potential hurdle of even more red tape and gaming the numbers to score federal dollars.

President Obama, without intending to do so, has placed a directive in front of college administrations – dumb down the courses so more kids pass and you will get boatloads of taxpayer dollars. At the same time, cherry-pick the best students, and steer them to careers that make big money – business and lawyers, ect – and the Government will reward you.

How can I conclude this?

Well the criteria laid out by President Obama is to emphasize the number of students graduating. There are only 2 ways to do that, either kids will be smarter and more focused entering college or the requirements to pass will be lowered. The first option isn’t happening, nor is such an outcome even on the horizon. Yet President Obama has almost mandated that to have any hope of even a mediocre career some form of college is required and every child in America must attain that. So a bigger demand for college, and a threat of funding losses without high graduation percentages, yet no improvement in quality of students equates to turning a bachelor’s degree into a high school diploma.

On the other end, there is the money component. If a college has a huge number of graduates, who are incompetent or unprepared for the real world due to a need for large class exit numbers, then the other grading factor of how much graduates make becomes another game that bodes poorly for the masses. The best students, those that have the greatest potential must be steered from things like teaching, philosophy, science (other than engineering), English, and other cash-poor positions.

Teachers have been screaming (rightly to a degree) that they are underpaid for decades. What job is perfect for a philosophy degree? What’s the demand industry that requires a history degree? On the other hand though, 1 MBA or lawyer can make the same money as 5 other occupations. So the trade-off is a dozen basket weaving degrees for every MBA or lawyer or engineer. The net result? Reinforcing an elitist and economically segregated class of individuals at the expense of the masses.

But let’s just drop that issue where it is. Plenty of others will debate the merits and Government red tape that has been proposed.

Why did President Obama pick New York? Why did he pick Binghamton?

New York is blue. It’s one of the largest and most secure Democrat safe havens in the nation. Coming here ensures that most of the press coverage will be positive, no matter how many prominent issues are left by the wayside. It also means that most politicians will be given a boost in upcoming State and local elections, a sure way to rally the base and generate donations. As for the NY-22, well it’s not like the Republican incumbent will say anything or even attempt a public outcry. Lastly, it makes a convenient road trip to what really matters – setting VP Biden on the road to his own Presidential ambitions.

There are 131 colleges in New York State, 36 community colleges, and a horde of vocational and technical institutes. Comparatively, New York is one of the most accessible and cost-effective States to get a higher education at in the nation. What has been proposed will not make New York any more accessible, though it could make a degree from here less desirable.

President Obama could have come to New York to discuss natural gas, a major issue that he spoke about in at least 2 State of the Union Addresses. It’s green, and benefits the nation. It’s topical, and a major economic concern for a nation wallowing in debt. It’s a source of jobs, which can be used to pay for the higher education that President Obama ranks as an absolute necessity.

President Obama could have talked about jobs that would provide a means to pay for college. Broome County alone exceeds the national average of unemployment, and the day that temporary construction stops it will be massively higher. But the president was silent.

President Obama could have also spoken about encouraging new business growth from these college graduates – except New York is the least business friendly State in the nation (followed closely by the other pillar of blue States, California). Of course the fact that there continues to be a mass exodus of people and business from New York was another issue that was both without solution or concern.

Obviously President Obama didn’t even pause to consider the topics. Which seems to indicate that this tour wasn’t about a benefit to the nation, but a way to safely avoid bigger issues he didn’t want to address at the time. Good for VP Biden, not so much for everyone else.

New York State should be insulted. President Obama presented half thought out ideas with negative consequences that are very real and apparent to anyone not insulated in a bubble of ideological snobs and political panderers. He thumbed his nose at the concerns of the State, with an impact on the lives of every American.

Higher education is a great goal, but without the backbone of strong leadership and the foundation of the integral fundamentals of jobs, K-12 education, debt reduction, and population retention it’s just hype.

Michael Vasquez on WNBF with Bob Joseph – 8/19/13

On Monday August 19th at 9:30 a.m., Michael Vasquez returned to the Bob Joseph Show on WNBF Talk Radio 1290AM. In this round of discussion topics included the impending visit by President Obama, fracking, green energy, taxes, partisan gridlock, Congress, political accountability, small business, and more.

The following videos are the entire discussion as it was heard on-air.

Part 1

Part 2