Obamacare isn’t racist, but Melissa Harris Perry may be

This is my personal opinion, you may or may not agree, but thankfully we are in America and it’s still ok to share what you think (unless you are Conservative, and then you are apparently just racist). Read at your own peril.

I have just seen a video of MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry, expounding on the racist connotations of Obamacare. The word, not the Affordable Care Act itself. It has to be seen to be believed.

Now I must admit that I am no fan of MSNBC. I rarely watch that cable news network, mostly for its visibly biased and inaccurate information. Thus I am unaware of Ms. Harris status as a journalist or if she is just a commentator. I will give the benefit of doubt and assume the latter.

In just 4 minutes 29 seconds, Ms. Perry succeeded in embarrassing a swath of America, inflamed racial tensions, was blatantly cheerleading an Administration, and lowered the bar on whatever credibility MSNBC might presume to have.

The embarrassment is not for Republicans and Conservatives. It’s for those of us that believe the “sista-gurl” stereotype is a caricature of Black women. Those of us that believe sophistication, education, and eloquence are 3 vital things missing from the youth and our modern culture of lowest-common denominator.

Perhaps Ms. Perry was playing to the cheap seats. Those with the least expectations of standards in presenting opinions on the news. Perhaps she was hoping to elicit an emotional reaction. Whatever the reason, this was abysmal.

To call the signature legislative accomplishment of a President by that President’s name is no more racist than Reaganomics. For those not shackled by the constraints of Common Core, a brief look at history will denote several President’s linked (good and bad) to their legislative agenda and political manifestos. Without another word, the premise for what Ms. Harris has to say ends there. But let’s go further – she sure did.

Obamacare, or ACA, or Health Care Reform, whatever the name is without racial content. Healthcare is not defined nor confined to race – until now. To inject race in something that has no racial context is to be racist. This is especially true if the only purpose of such action is to inflame emotions and reap a political reward for such emotion-based action.

Ms. Harris seeks to confuse and obfuscate valid, logical, and important debate on ACA (Obamacare) and the record of President Obama in a haze of racial prejudice. The theme appears to be that any retort must be in support of racial prejudice since Ms. Harris has now attached race to the subject. In fact she is trying to attack the 1st Amendment Rights of viewers, and eliminate political opposition at the expense of the very same group of people this is aimed at.

Ms. Perry assumes that

“The unwritten rule is that African Americans must be Liberal and/or Democrats. That they as a whole and as individuals must vote and speak in support of Democrats and President Obama in particular. That to do anything else is a betrayal of race, and akin to an atrocity.”

I’m not sorry Ms. Perry, I have a mind. I can read the facts, can remember the promises made, and can assign blame without the help of a biased MSNBC commentator or an imaginary rule that denies me the Rights far too many died and bled to ensure I can exercise.

The facts that Ms. Harris omitted. The Obamacare website is still not 100% operational; not for those signing up, and certainly not for the insurance companies on the back end. Obamcare does not address a primary factor affecting healthcare cost – frivolous malpractice lawsuits. Obamacare is not deficit neutral. Obamacare does not allow for true (interstate) competition. Obamacare is not healthcare, but catastrophic care. Most importantly of all, Obamacare places the right of Government over the Rights of the governed.

To negate these real and important facts is to delude the public. Worse, to do so under a pretense of race is to actively incite part of the public for no reason other than to prop up a President who is rightly being blamed for the failures of his Administration, and his own words – “You can keep your doctor. Period.”

What Ms. Harris has done, in her professional ebonics mash-up insult was the intelligence of all Americans, add yet another layer of complication to any discussion to remedy the failures of Obamacare, and reinforce maybe half a dozen stereotypes that millions of parents, professionals, and children are fighting against daily.

President Obama is visibly Black (heritage aside for the moment). That does NOT mean that by default a well-reasoned, fact based, logical argument against his policies devolves to an oversimplification of racial-bias. Being Black did not cause President Obama to violate the War Powers Act in attacking Libya, nor was it a factor in trying to initiate hostilities unilaterally against Syria. Being Black was not a factor in the fastest growth in debt the nation has ever seen. Being Black had no ramification in being absentee while the Justice Department, NSA, and IRS (to name just a few) abused their powers. Being Black was not a factor in lying to the public, or failing to hold accountable anyone involved in the Benghazi attack.

These are all, and I am just skipping through a quick list, actions made by a man who was elected President. The color of his skin neither improved nor forgave any of these things. To try to say otherwise, just because Ms. Perry desperately wants pres. Obama to have a positive legacy, does not make it so. Neither does mentioning these realities make anyone else racist.

Ms. Perry owes America an apology. So does MSNBC. But what is far more likely is that defenders of President Obama and Ms. Perry will likely call me a racist. But I will not cower in the face of a label without justification, empowering a deceit that does more to harm America than actually highlight a real problem that does exist in America.

Some will cry wolf, others racist. In the end all it does is enable true racism, and obfuscate the failure of a Presidency that is all too apparent.

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