The beauty of people doing what people do best

Last night, November 22, 2013, I had the pleasure to join about 100 people at the Lost Dog Cafe as we listened to Ayana D and Taina Asili perform with their band. The event was a fundraising event for the The Mimi and Louie Del Valle Latino/a Achievement Award, based at Binghamton University; and The Mimi Del Valle Scholarship, part of Binghamton High School’s Dollars for Scholars program.

Taina Asili (left singer) and Ayana D (right singer)

Taina Asili (left singer) and Ayana D (right singer) and band performing at Lost Dog Cafe

The scholarships are awarded to a graduating senior, and are based on the appreciation of the arts. They are funded through donations, of which 100% of the proceeds from the event went to these scholarships.

This reminded me of 2 things.

The first is how, when left to themselves without interference from the Government, people find ways to provide for the passions they believe in. In this case, the passion of song, music, and performance – handed down from Mimi and Louie Del Valle, the parents of the 2 singer/songwriters – plus the desire to share that passion with younger generations inspired the scholarships.

This wasn’t Government mandated. It wasn’t Government created or designed. It was not created from some study or a think tank or political poll. Which is why it is so beautiful and inspiring.

The second thing is that, based on the effect of Common Core on schools and the ever diminishing existence of the Arts in schools, the need is ever greater. The Arts are essential to growth of any society. It provides for the inspiration and creation of things that are sometimes completely unrelated to the art itself. A mind that can create something that can lift the spirit, does inspire others as their spirits are lifted in hearing or seeing that art, I believe.

Again, this is something that Government cannot do. Government does not lift the spirit, national pride aside. That is not the purpose of Government. Every attempt of Government trying to do so fails.

Most of all I have to say that for 2 hours, I like all that attended, enjoyed and shared a love of music and performance.

For those that would like to learn more about the scholarships, visit

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