Why consider elected office?

Make no mistake, a run for elected office is a big decision. It cost time and lots of that. Working a full-time job and trying to gain support. Speaking to constituents in a Congressional district that includes all of Chenango, Cortland, Madison, and Oneida counties, and parts of Broome, Herkimer, Oswego, and Tioga counties. That’s a huge swath of Central New York to cover.

Then there is the cost of privacy. Whether it’s a primary or election opponent, or the media (from blogs to newspapers and television conglomerates), there is no end of people that want to find anything to sell a headline. Modern politics has become more of a frenzied effort to find dirt, and in some cases make it up, just to compete with American Idol. Plus the digging doesn’t stop with just the candidate, it goes to their friends, relatives, and just about anyone the candidate has ever greeted. It’s a meat grinder.

Finally there is the need for support. That’s monetary as well as volunteers spreading the word. Which say nothing of the regulations and the hurdles that they require.

But, where there is risk there is reward.

My goal is perhaps a bit simplistic. Reintroduce the voice of the average American into politics. With no disrespect to any elected official in office or having served in the past, for more than a few decades Congress has be led by millionaires, lawyers, and business owners. That’s not just Republicans, that’s the Democrats too. The result of which has been ever higher levels of partisanship, less action on issues like the debt, and an erosion of individual Rights. At this point no one is satisfied, nor should they be.

In bringing back the common sense of the average America, we regain a perspective that believes in hard work and accountability. We regain the ability to balance a checkbook, and spending within our limits. We refocus our efforts to invigorate opportunity, nurture innovation, and reclaim our national pride.

But this will not just happen because I may seek elected office. This will occur because across the country average Americans are becoming fed up with campaign promises that result in political gridlock. It happened in 2010, and I doubt that was a fluke.

We need someone that will stand up and say “I will read the law before I pass it”. That will say, “I will speak with my constituents and vote their conscience” and “We don’t need 2000 pages and 5000 earmarks to still get a bad law”.

There are some in Congress that are doing this now, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan to name just two. But there needs to be more, and the NY-22 currently is not part of that rebirth in my opinion.

I am not running for elected office because I am the most grand, most intelligent, or richest candidate ever. I’m not running to inflate my ego, or because I have a vendetta against an elected official or political party. I’m running because America needs to be better, New York needs to be better, and the New York 22nd Congressional District should be better. After years of waiting to see someone else step up and make the hard choices, I am exploring if it’s my time to stop waiting and to do it – if you will accept me.

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